Seva Sindhu Complaint Portal

Here is the Seva Sindhu Contact Number, Customer Support Number, and Any Other Way to Reach Seva Sindhu Helpline Executives details.

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Sindhu contact information can be found via Email and App.

Seva Sindhu may have a problem. You can email him at Send us your mobile number, problem description, and relevant screenshots (if you have any). To help you resolve the issue, a Seva Sindhu customer help representative will get in touch.

The Helpline team will respond within two business days. In certain cases, the team might take longer to respond.

Seva Sindhu Application

Once you apply, you will receive an application reference number. The application reference number can help you check the status. The application reference number can be found on the home page. An SMS will then be sent to the user for each step of an application.

Karnataka government launches Seva Sindhu, an app that allows interstate travel to be made during the lockdown. The app can provide various government services as well as allowing residents to travel to Karnataka in the lockdown. If you are a migrant and want to return to Karnataka, register your name and fill out the details (such as phone number and address).

Get in touch with Seva sindhu Helpline Managers.

Here’s how you can contact Seva Sindhu Helpline immediately to receive a prompt response.

  • First open the Seva Sindhu.
  • Then, open your menu
  • Tap on the customer support/Help/Chat/contact us button
  • Choose which category you must help

Features of Seva Sindhu Portal

Seva Sindhu provides unique tools with Extra Features.

  • Seva Sindhu is a one-stop shop for residents who need government and other information
  • Seva Sindhu’s goal is to make the government more accessible, productive, accountable, transparent, and transparent.

Helpline Number

This article includes all information about the Seva sindhu Complaint portal. You can still contact the helpline’s phone number or email us if you have questions about Seva sindhu Complaint portal operation.

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